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Make Your Home Smart using the Nest System!

Technology is a cornerstone of modern day society so why would your home be any different. The Nest Home system offers a variety of products to help save time and money while keeping your home as comfortable as possible. Nest also works with other home technologies...

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Easy Ways to Beat The Summer Heat

Invest in a programmable thermostat If you have A/C, the smoother and more efficient it runs, the better it will cool your house when needed. Installing a programmable thermostat makes it easier to achieve this goal. Summer temperature recommendations are: 75 degrees...

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Pests vs. Landscaping

So you spend time and money creating the perfect landscaping to compliment your home, but to your dismay, that same landscaping is immediately being attacked by animals! Read below to see how you can help your garden and landscaping thrive. Deer and Rabbits- Probably...

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Create the Perfect Backyard Patio Space

Backyard patio spaces are the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful weather, good friends, and make some amazing memories in your own backyard. Patios can range from expensive masterpieces for the ultimate gathering spot, to small personal areas that are enjoyed by just...

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How to Prepare for Emergency Weather

Extreme weather can hit at anytime and anywhere and usually with very little warning. The easiest way to prepare for a weather emergency is by putting together a plan for your family. According to the CDC, there are four main components of a Family Disaster Plan....

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Reasons why people are moving to Brunswick County NC

1. Location, Location, Location     Welcome to Brunswick County! This beautiful coastal community offers nearly 850 sq. miles of rolling sand dunes adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. Brunswick County sits between two amazing cities, Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC....

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Certified Green Builders

Remember we are Certified HBA Green Builders and care about protecting the environment & building homes that are energy efficient.

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Building Your Dream Home

Let us design & build your dream home from the ground up. With our expertise and know-how we know what it takes to build a home that are clients are proud of. Contact us.

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