hurricane sign

Extreme weather can hit at anytime and anywhere and usually with very little warning. The easiest way to prepare for a weather emergency is by putting together a plan for your family. According to the CDC, there are four main components of a Family Disaster Plan. Those components are:

  1. Choose the safest space in your house:

The safest space in your house can change depending on the emergency. During severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, seek an interior room on the lowest floor of your house and avoid all windows! Avoid taking shelter under heavy objects, such as refrigerators or pianos, as they could fall through the floor. If you choose to remain at your home during a hurricane, seek shelter in a windowless room, or closet. Alternatively, you can seek shelter in your bathtub and place a piece of ply-wood board over it.

  1. Choose Multiple Meeting Places:

Different disasters may require you to go to different places. Make sure you choose a meeting place in your neighborhood, a meeting place just outside your neighborhood, and a meeting place out of town. Inform other family members and close friends of these locations, for contact purposes.

  1. Determine Escape Routes:

It’s important to know the best possible ways to evacuate if an emergency calls to do so. Check with your local department of transportation for up-to-date evacuation routes. North Carolina residents can visit for multiple evacuation emergency routes. Within your home, you should prepare two exits in each room for an emergency evacuation.

  1. Practice!

Practice makes perfect and should be done multiple times a year. Practice with your entire family and don’t forget the pets!

If you are building in a new area, or state, consult with your custom home builder about which emergency weather preparations you can add to your house. Reinforced closets and rooms, heavy duty storm shutters, and ensuring that your home is completely sealed and secure, are just a few ways you and your home builder can prepare your home for a natural disaster. Visit and start securing your future home today!