Technology is a cornerstone of modern day society so why would your home be any different. The Nest Home system offers a variety of products to help save time and money while keeping your home as comfortable as possible. Nest also works with other home technologies and Amazon’s Alexa program. Explore the ways you can make your house a true smart-home.

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  1. Nest Learning Thermostat-
    • The Nest Learning thermostat monitors and adapts to your heating and cooling needs. During the first week, Nest will record all adjustments made to your thermostat and create a program to maintain your ideal temperatures. The thermostat also follows seasons, and will create unique programs that will help save you time and money. Bonus, you can control your Nest Learning Thermostat using your smartphone anytime during the day!
    • Nest also makes a wireless Fire and CO2 monitor that will send notifications to your cell phone in case of an emergency. They also offer both indoor and outdoor security cameras, to help make your home a safer place. Your indoor cameras will also notify your thermostat, to help save energy while you are away.


  2. WeMo Outlet-
    • WeMo makes home automation easy! Using the WeMo app on your phone, or using your amazon echo, enjoy the ability to control your lights and appliances. Sync lights to sunrise, sunset, and other external events automatically. The WeMo switch can also be set to mimic a full home when you are away, to deter home intruders. Upon leaving your home, the nest system can switch off any appliances you may have accidentally left on.


  3. Phillips Hue-
    • Turn your everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience. Play with colors or sync lights with your music, TV and games for an immersive effect. The possibilities are endless once you start exploring. Using Nest, your system can turn lights on and off even while you are away.


  4. Sleep Number Mattress-
    • Every night your Nest Thermostat works with your Sleep Number smart bed to help you find your ideal room temperature for a better night’s sleep.


  5. Yale Keyless Lock-
    • Forgot to lock the front door? No problem. It’ll lock by itself. And when you come home, you can open it with your phone. When the Yale Linus lock works with Nest, you can check if the door’s closed, give visitors a temporary passcode and see when they came and left – all from your Nest app.


  6. Hunter Douglas Shades-
    • When your Nest Thermostat senses you’re away, it can tell your Hunter Douglas shades to move as the sun does and let in more or less heat depending on the season. So your home stays comfortable, helping you save energy and money all year long.


  7. Rheem Hot Water Heater-
    • When Nest notices you’re gone, your water heater can turn itself down to save energy. And because gas heaters can be dangerous in a smoke or carbon monoxide emergency, if Nest Protect goes off, your water heater will turn off.


  8. Amazon Echo-
    • Just say “Alexa, set my bedroom thermostat to 68º” and your Amazon Echo or Fire TV can tell the Nest Thermostat to change the temperature.


  9. Whirlpool Smart Washer and Dryer-
    • When Nest senses you’re away, your dryer can switch to Eco Mode to save energy and turn on Wrinkle Shield™ to keep clothes wrinkle-free until you return. And if you participate in Nest Rush Hour Rewards, the washer and dryer can activate Smart Delay during peak demand periods.


  10. Skybell Door bell-
    • When Nest Protect senses smoke or carbon monoxide, your SkyBell HD button can turn red, letting you know before you open the door.